Friday, May 21, 2010

How to: Sync Twitter with Facebook

I've been using apps that will sync my tweets to my facebook status but facebook is constantly changing their codes so that this apps will become ineffective. I even tried the first official twitter app but since then I get log in error. Few third party application like SELECTIVE TWEETS which you can selectively choose your tweet to facebook stat by adding #fb to your tweets.

Just today, when I was looking for some twitter widget for WP and blogger I was able to click "GOODIES", that can be found in the footer of twitter...funny thing is I haven't seen it if not through some googling...:)

So here is the simple walk through on how to set it up...

1. First go to
2. Go to GOODIES at the footer of the site.
3. Click Widgets,Facebook

4. Click the Facebook Application link and Install the Application.

Now you can tweet from inside facebook by going to the application you just installed. or from

I hope this tutorial will help you synchronize your tweets to your facebook status.

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