Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cable Management "sleeves" D.I.Y

How to do cable management "sleeves" to your Generic Power Supply unit? This simple guide will help you clean your system case.

The problem with Generic PSU is that it has no sleeves unlike high-end PSU.

Another weakness of Generic PSU is that it is not modular. What is a modular PSU?It has a detachable rails where you can detach the unused rails thus helping you with unused wiring...

Now let's start do some sleeve to our generic PSU. There are stores that really caters to materials used in modifying, I myself is new to case modding but I am trying hard to perfect every job I do. The only problem right now for me is the lack of supplies so sometimes I have to get them online or not just some resourcefulness and improvise.

Materials for this project:
Electrical Tape - any color of choice
Cutter - to cut those tape.

Here's the unsleeve Generic PSU of mine, stock from Astone Casing...

Separating the rails from 24-PIN ATX:

Cover the 24-Pin ATX Wire with Electrical Tape make sure you tape it tightly. If loosely tight it will not last long and it will look not nice right.

We continue with our rail. Separate each rail, using cutter you can cut the plastic or zip-wire use so that you can separately tape each later on.

This is almost done, what I did was I added more tape on it. But this is okay already.

My Final Output

Now that the cable has been sleeved time now to do cable management from the inside of your system case. Basically all you need to do is to reroute all the wirings to places that it will not be cranky too look at. Try to tuck the wires "unused rails, SATA cable, IDE cable, FDD cable,etc" to the back of your mobo plate.

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