Saturday, April 18, 2009

HowTo: Fix your hijack friendster account

Four of my friends was victimized by the spam comments with embedded script that will redirect their profile to an ad-site once you log in...

Here is a short solution on HowTo fix your profile:

1. Log in to your profile "of course"....
2. Go to "Settings"
3. Safe mode "see picture below"

5. Save and you're done....
6. Lastly, delete all those comments.

TIP: On how to avoid hijackers:
1. Just manually approve your comments, in that you will have the full control of the content being sent to you.
2. Do not post your email in the internet, spider-bots loves that...
3. If you want to post your email substitute something like...e.g. myemail[@]
4. Use pop-up blocker, Mozilla Firefox's adblock plus add-on can do the job. IE, Safari and other browser has a built-in blocker, just turn it on, by default it is off.
5. Always clean your browsing history and cache, go to Tools > Menu >
6. Use a better anti virus, like NOD/ESET, Kaspersky, stay away from
7. Always perform system clean up. The best tool for that is ccleaner

I hope this short guide will help you.

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