Monday, March 21, 2011

Google Anti Content Farm - hurting the content farmers

The latest algorithm update of Google that targets content farms shaken the SEO World. Google point out that Content farms drives users to low quality articles rather than to have high quality contents, thus a new algorithm upgrade has been made few weeks back.

Content farms were reposities of article, editorials and How-To's that aims to boost other websites' search engine ranking. This articles attracts blogs and bloggers link to them, thus increasing the authority of the content farms. Lastly, once the content farms become the authority site, it will provide SEO help to other smaller site to increase the PR with a price of course.

Personally I tried doing this, my article site is and I wrote few articles in squidoo and pointing out valiable keywords to my money site. This improves the search engine ranking of my money site but with the new google algorithm I am still observing the effects to my blog.

Some of the content farm that has been greatly affected by the new google algorithm are:

TOP 5 website the lost visitibility:,,,,

Top 5 search rank losser:,,,,

Some sites also gain from this new algorithm upgrade, and most of this are community based (real people) like and We cannot deny that some content farm contents are copy and paste articles or spinned article.

A good and comprehensive article to read about the Google Algorithm versus Content Farm from google vs. Content farm.

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