Saturday, August 27, 2011

Facebook new features - improved tagging, check-in for desktop and emphasized privacy settings

Facebook added new features in the status update. The new features are 'Who are you with?', 'Where are you?' and 'post to selected to'.

The new 'Who are you with' is an improvement to the tagging method where you add the at sign '@' to the name of your friend.

The Facebook 'where are you?' is the facebook 'check-in' for desktop. This features was first available in the facebook mobile apps.

The last feature is the Privacy settings - 'the emphasized'. It has been an issue for privacy freak out there and this is a good feature because some users have no clue about their privacy settings. With this feature you can control your Facebook post, tags, and check-in to selected people. This is also a customizable settings for your privacy needs. Personally I set my settings to 'Friends' because by default Facebook set this to public.
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