Thursday, April 7, 2011

Globe Telecom caps 1-Gigabyte per day

Globe DSL Philippines released a press realease enforcing a bandwith cap of 1Gigabyte - per day in all their DSL services. According to the press release they are implementing what they called 'fair-use' policy.

They provided statistic analysis that about:
"5 percent of abusive subscribers use 80 percent of the available broadband Internet bandwidth in the company’s network." and "only 20 percent of the capacity to be shared by 95 percent of the remaining users."

It seems that NTC memo halting the implementation of the bandwidth cap is useless. Back in January NTC started public consultation about the request of various telcos to implement the bandwidth cap. 

I am not a hypocrite if I say that I don't use to much bandwidth. In a day I consume around 3GIG, most of it is downloading movies and music (yes I am pirate and it is powered by GlobeDSL)! This is one of the reason why telcos are trying to implement the capping saying that the abuse  is piracy related. But why do you advertised for unlimited use?

Personally my main source of entertainment is through streaming videos from Youtube, Miro and Revision Internet TV and I pay my bills on time. This only shows that the telcos like Globe cannot handle the demand (bandwidth use) of their customers. We are in the age of Internet TV, HD Videos, HD Photos. It seems that we are stock in the old age of  the internet ey!

In my mind Globe is saying: If you don't like it don't buy it! The next time I move to a new place I will not use GlobeDSL.

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