Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is a Hacker? and Hackers Are PeopleToo - Documentary

What is a hacker? A hackers are talented individuals, curious, and passionate. Hacker as talented individual - they are experts in their fields, they are good programmers and hardware designer. They're tinkering things in order for it to work better.

Hackers are curious, as they say "Curiosity is what drives problem solving". Hackers wants to know how things works, if he doesn't like it he will find ways to modify it. Example of this are Android Modders, this guy modifies the original Android OS, strip the unnecessary programs and add new features.

Hackers are passionate - They will not stop until they find the answers to their problem. They always stay late, tinkering, programming, just solving the issues they encounter. It reminds me of a story of a debugger who's job is to reverse engineer the new out viruses. He stayed almost 36hours with out sleep until he manages to discover on how to defeat the new virus. After knowing the in and out of the virus he then made the anti-virus and release it for free at the end of day that his satisfaction and fulfillment.

Kinds of Hackers
White Hat - This are the good guys. Mostly people from the Security side. They are the nemesis of the Black hats.
Black Hat - This are the underground people, no one knows who they are. True BlackHats does not reveal himself. Mostly they break-in into systems for fun and some being paid. Like corporate espionage, stealing designs etc. BlackHats leaves no traces.
GreyHat - They are in the middle, they usually change sides depending on the situation.
Script Kiddies - This are kids as the grown says. They rely solely to programs develop by both WhiteHat and BlackHat hackers. Most of the time they do more damage like breaking in into systems, defacing site. The involves by the record are teenagers who's new to hacking and just using tools. They usually get caught because they leave traces behind.

Hackers are not bad people, this people helps us everyday, they are providing us security, new gadgets, new softwares and hardwares. It's the media that gives HACKER the bad meaning. This happens when someone breaks into a computer (Crackers), steal data and media generalize that hackers are dangerous.

Bad Hackers, yes they do exist but majority of hackers today are good and talented people.

One of rarest documentary you should watch is "H4CK3RS ARE PEOPLE TOO". Started as a project by Ashley Shwartau. This documentary projects a true hacker and not paint him as a digital villain who only
spams and steals from people. 

The video is mainly short snippets of interviews with different hackers in 2 conferences - Toorcon and Decon, where the discussion is centered around who hackers are, the way they think, their community and what they love doing. A lot of well known hackers are interviewed in this documentary and overall the documentary is quite good and definitely worth a watch. - Security.Net
You can get your copy at Amazon:

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