Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Social Networking Views - a new malicious script?

Minutes after posting my tutorial on how get rid of the OMG Watch the Nastiest Girl Fight Video Ever! there's a new malicious script again keep popping on my notification. Though I have not tried getting the code since I am not on my test machine, this involves most likely a Cross-Site Scripting or XSS. Never to drag the code to your browser, if you do you will automatically download the malicious code.

Facebook will never make such application, if they do they will automatically integrate it to their site and will not undergo third-party installation and propagate without user permission.

If you are paranoid you scan your system against malicious code. If you do not have an Anti Virus download the Microsoft Security Essential and MalwareBytes. Both a free and they are good!

A word of caution, never click any link especially shortlinks coming from unknown sources. It may not do any harm to you but expect spam emails.

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