Saturday, May 29, 2010

Firefox Announces iPhone App

Mozilla has announced plans to launch a free iPhone Application that will let you access most of your Firefox browser data on the iPhone. Called Firefox Home, the native iPhone app gives you access to your Firefox browser history, bookmarks, and Awesome Bar. Home will also sync any currently open tabs from Firefox on your desktop to the iPhone, giving you "on the go" instant access to important Web pages.

According to the official Mozilla Blog the app will be submitted by June. At that point Apple will either approve or reject it. Firefox Home is designed for iPhone and Ipod Touch. No announcement yet for the iPad.

Firefox Home is not a full pledged browser like Opera Mini or Safari. Apple prohibits third-party applications from including their own rendering engine and JavaScript interpreter, according to Mozilla. Instead, applications must use the iPhone's technology for these processes, which basically means Firefox's underlying technology can't be used on the iPhone. Opera got around this problem by rendering Web pages on its servers and then sending the finished page to the iPhone. cnet

Firefox Home will also be a one-way channel, meaning you can send your desktop browsing information to your iPhone, but you will not be able to send data from your iPhone to desktop versions of Firefox.

One solution to the one-way data problem would be to build a JavaScript bookmarklet for Safari for iPhone that would let you sync your iPhone browsing data with Firefox; however, Mozilla says it has no plans to do this at the moment.

For more info visit the official Mozilla blog news.

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