Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Facebook acquired Snaptu

Facebook is expanding its mobile services by acquiring the American-Israeli firm Snaptu. Their technology enables 'feature phones' - non smartphones to easily access Facebook or Twitter.

This one of the 2011 expansion plans of Facebook to penetrate the mobile social networking, with Snaptu it is easy for Facebook to gain more subscriber. A great strategy from Facebook since feature phones make up 80%  of the total handset in the world and only 20% are smartphones. Analysts say that the acquisition will help the social network better penetrate developing markets where smartphones are less affordable and ‘feature phones’ are the norm.

Accoring to the report Snaptu has a value at around $40 to $70million USD. Company blogged: “We soon decided that working as part of the Facebook team offered the best opportunity to keep accelerating the pace of our product development."

Henri Moissinac, Facebook’s Head of Mobile Business, said at the time: “We want to have every user in every market using Facebook– we’re investing in smartphones and at the same time as in mass market phones because we believe with great features and great integrations, every phone can become sociable.”

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