Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Philippines the Social Networking Capital of the World

Once the Philippines was branded as the 'Texting Capital of the World' and now the Philippines is also called as the 'Social Networking capital of the World', according the the 24/7 Wall Street blog research. The research showed that the Philippines top the Facebook peneration (usage per population).

credit: americanconsumernews.com
The Philippines top the list with 93.9% followed by Israel with 91% (population is 7,587,000). Most of the top ten comes from Southeast Asia and Latin America where communication and economy is booming.
  1. Philippines 93.9%
  2. Israel 91%
  3. Turkey 90.9%
  4. Chile 90.2%
  5. Argentina 89.2%
  6. Malaysia 88.4%
  7. Indonesia 87.5%
  8. Peru 87.2%
  9. Colombia 86.9%
  10. Venezuela 86.2%
In the Philippines Facebook is even popular than Google and top 8th in Twitter with 16.1% penetration.  Social networking became a hit in the Philippines because they want to be keep in touch with friends and love ones thus  social networking site such as Facebook makes communications easy. Anyway the Philippiines are among the first where Facebook introduced its service

If you go to Malls, Coffee shop, and schools everyone is Facebooking where free hotspots are available. Another factor which I think contributed to the success of social networking in this country is cheap mobile service. If you have a smartphone you can have unlimited surfing for 50pesos/day or roughly $1.15/day.

Before Facebook, Friendster was the first to hit in the country followed by MySpace and other SNS but in 2008/2009 Facebook became a hit due Facebok games, and chat support. You don't need to sign up with your IMs or E-Mails because Facebook has it all.

Personally I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and classmates plus using it to follow News and Events same goes with Twitter.

According to this article Jakarta is the Facebook capital of the world with 17.5million users.

via: Asian Correspondent

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