Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefox 4 - Millions downloaded already, how about you?

Who can stop the blazing Fox? Just after 3 hours Firefox 4 reached 1 Million downloads.

Microsoft claimed that Internet Explorer 9 reached 2.4 million downloads in 24hours but Firefox 4 download is still counting in more than 3 million. As time of this writing almost 5.4 millions already downloaded their new Firefox. You can see the live download stat at Mozilla Download Stat site.

The new Firefox 4 has a brand new interface called "Panorama", a Chrome like minimalist  design and and supports GPU acceleration to boost page composition speeds.

Although Microsoft boast that IE9 supports hardware acceleration in all web platform and Mozilla technology evangelist Asa Dotzler was even more blunt. "Microsoft, stop making bull**** claims about hardware acceleration," Dotzler titled a post to his personal blog two weeks ago.

"What better way to spend your break than by downloading Firefox 4," said Beltzner during a live Webcast hosted by Mozilla.

You can download Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from Mozilla's site.

After finishing writing this article, the live stat hits more than 5.6 million downloads...

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