Monday, April 18, 2011

The BLOODIEST Fight EVER in UFC - BANNED FROM TV! - Facebook Spam

All this time I blog about Facebook spams and fair enough I am getting good traffic about this kind of topic. The reason why I blog about those spam is to let Facebook users become aware of what they are clicking and the potential danger if your account is compromised.

This past few days I have not seen any spam but tonight a new spam emerged. The BLOODIEST Fight EVER in UFC - BANNED FROM TV! 

Actually I almost clicked the link but I noticed that it has no comment and like buttons. If so happen that you see this wall post do not click the said link.


Anonymous said...

What if you click it, but then don't continue once at the screen that prompts you to follow the instructions in order to view the video?

Unwired said...

I have not fully studied the link if it requires third party API but sometimes by just clicking the link alone will compromise your account.

So, it would be better not to click those spam links.

However, some of the spam requires you to install their app to your facebook.

Have a safe surfing...:)